A. Ajith Kumar S.

PhD Research Fellow

Currently working as a part of collaboration project between the Dept. of Computing Science and Dept. of Electrical Engineering. The work focuses on improvement of Industrial Standards/Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. Working on Medium Access Control Protocol design for these networks. Apart from design, also working on the design flow of protocols using formal analysis tools combined with code generators to automatically obtain platform dependent code (C++) for MiXiM OMNeT and nesC for TinyOS.

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Contact details

Email : a.ajith.kumar.s at gmail com && aaks at hib (dot) no

Works at : Høgskolen i Bergen

Affiliation :University of Agder

Phone : +47 555 87 127

Address : Inndalsveien 28, Postbox 7030, 5020 Bergen, Norway