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DREAM-konferansen i Danmark utsatt til 2006.
Hyggelig brev som Margareth har mottatt:

Dear Margareth

thanks for showing interest in our conference Informal Learning and Digital Media:
However, the conference will be postponed for one year – i.e. until
22-24 September 2006 – at the same venue and with the same theme.

This is due to a late decision made by one of our main sponsors to cut back on conference grants. Since we are adamant to secure an optimal framework for a conference of this scope, the organising committee has found it best to postpone the event one year in order to secure optimal funding.

I would like to inform you that all keynotes have immediately accepted to act as keynotes also at the conference next year.

First call for abstracts will be circulated internationally in October of this year. I will add you to our mailing list and thus you will be kept informed about the conference and calls.