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In July 2005 a summer school in Parma was arranged as a part of a third module in the Educational Programme Social Work in Europe. When we start the Educational Programme once more in 2006 the third module is not part of the programme.
There might be arranged other summer schools later as part of the Thematic Network co operation EUSW. At the moment no concrete plans are on the agenda.

17.08.05 SUMMERSCHOOL in PARMA is over

34 students and 14 teachers from 15 countries in Europe participated in the summer school in Parma, Italy 16. – 31.July 2005.

A very interesting and very hot event took place in Parma these days. After being either e-learning students or self-study students in module 1 and 2 everybody was looking forward to a face-to-face meeting and discussions about social work in Europe.

The summer school started with a rebus in Parma arranged by the two Italian students Annamaria Canovi and Valentina Ferretti. After a lot of physical exercise students returned to a workshop held by kaospilot Silje Grastveit on Sunday 17.July to mingle the participants together and starting the clarifications of expectations for the summer school period.

Opening session and key note speachers
The opening session on Monday with representatives from the City of Parma and the University of Parma and the key note speech on Anti-Oppressive Social Work by Jane Dalrymple from University of West of England, Bristol (UWE).

Later during the first and second week other keynote speakers as: Ugo Ascoli from Italy spoke about welfare systems, Answin Weisenborn from the University College of Vorarlberg, Austria had a very exiting presentation on ethics, using Winnie the Poo as a model for good behaviour and problem solving in life. The final keynote speech was held by Liz Frost from UWE on “Common principles and multiple cultures? Some dilemmas in European Social work”

Several workshops were held by:
Zofia Waleria Stelmaszuk : Trends in Child Welfare in Europe
Gudrun Ehlert: Gender and Social Work
Ewa Kantowicz: Social inclusion – a challenge for social workers

Professor Bob Sanders from University of Wales had a very intense workshop arranging the Race for Equality (picture).

Field visits and photo competition
Other important events during the summer school were 2 days with field visits to different institutions in the Parma area , and a photo competition challenging students to open their eyes and use their camera for the social life in Parma. Professor Eduardo Marques from Portugal was a good helper and a very important inspiration to the students during their photo research was.

Group presentations
In the end of the summer school students presented their group work connected to the theme they had been studying. The presentations were very good and most of the students concluded that the presentation was their personal most successful event during the time in Parma.

Social events
Social events are as important as the professional content. And during these 16 days we had two movie evenings and the Parma Calcio where the students lived, welcome dinner by the City of Parma, and a lovely afternoon at Salsomaggiore Terme with dinner on the EUSW-project and in the end the farewell party in the garden of St.Ilario.

Staff at the international office at the University of Parma did a great job and excellent support during the residential period and without the initiative by professor Annamaria Campanini as coordinator for the EUSW-TN this event would never have taken place.

After coming home from this event in Parma, students will hopefully have some holidays and then finish their final paper for the module 3 by the end of the 5.September.
Then the pilot project Social Work in Europe have come to an end. Starting with the first module in January 2005.

The evaluation of the project will be presented later and then the future planning for the continuation of the VirClass project will be discussed at a conference in Amsterdam 15-19. September 2005.

Group of teachers
From left:
Ewa Kantowicz, Andres Barrera, Liz Frost, Gudrun Ehlert, Bob Sanders, Jane Dalrymple, Eduardo de Marques, Annamaria Campanini, Anne Karin Larsen, Carsten Otte, Answin Weissenborn, Klas-Göran Olsson, Kjell Henriksbø, Annika Halen,
In front left: Zofia-Waleria Stelmazurk and Julija Eidukeviciute

Students and teachers at the Summer School in Parma July 2005July 2004

The summer school in Parma is made possible by the Thematic Network EUSW - European Social Work, Commonalities and Differences which is a Socrates project in EU.

The summer school in Parma will be during the period 16 - 31. July 2005. The residential period in Parma is one important part of the Module 3 in the Educational Programme SOCIAL WORK IN EUROPE as you will find presented in the curriculum plan.
Students who want to go to Parma have to do Module 1 before they can start with Module 3.

The admittance to the summer school will be limited to a number of 100 students from all participating institutions.

There will be no fee for students entering the educational programme this first pilot year.
Students who participate in Module 3 will get free accommodation covered by the network, but have to pay for their living costs during the residential period in Parma,.
Travel expenses must be paid either by the student themselves or by support from their home university/employer.

A more detailed programme for the summer school/residential period will be presented later.

The application date for the study programme SOCIAL WORK IN EUROPE is 29.November 2004

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