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Status in the Project

April 2006
The new curriculum plan for 2006/07 is approved by the Dean of Bergen University College. Students in social work and professional social workers from all over Europe are invited to apply for the study programme. The new programme will start 16 October 2006 and end with module 2 in May 2007.
A Virtual Book is under production and will be used as learning material during the new courses.

A new partner will join the project: Bodø University College in Norway has applied for partnership and will be approves as soon as the formalities is signed.

Besides developing and running the educational programme, the work with developing an administrative model and a financial solution for future courses is going on.

Dissemination of the project has been very productive during the last years and this year the project will be presented at the FORSA conference in Finland, the NetLearning conference in Sweden and in the Eden conference in Austria.

August 2005
The first Virtual Classroom for Social Work in Europe has been fulfilled. After two years of work the pilot project is ended. The result is 32 students will receive their certificate for participating in Module 1 (5 ECTS credits) and 24 students will get their certificate for module 2 (10 ECTS credits).

The results from the surveys taken during the project and at the end of the project will be reported before the 1. March 2006.
The dissemination of the results is going on and will continue to take place the next year.
The summery meeting in Amsterdam in September will evaluate the work and make plans for
a new project period with old and new partners.

New partners in the project are:
University of INHOLLAND, Haarlem and member representative is: Remmelt Veenkamp
University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland and partner representatitve is: Ewa Kantowicz. This University have contributed to the Virclass project as member of the EUSW-TN by Malgorzata Ciczkowska.
Miquel Torga University College, Portugal is also new as formal partner, but the representative Eduardo de Marques has participated in the Virclass project as partner in the EUSW. “School group”

In addition to this new participants from Bergen University College will contribute to the work: To strengthen the Research aspects Grete Oline Hole will participate, and to strengthen the Virtual elements:
Lisbeth Thomassen from the Media Centre at BUC will take part together with Morten Fahlvik who has taken part in the project from the very beginning.
And to support the financial and organisational aspects in the project Olav Hauken. will participate.

By a new application for the elearning programme in Erasmus/Socrates these new partners were formally included.
The list of partners for the next project period are presented here

The specific tasks for the next 2 years project period are these:

  • Construction of a new administrative and economical model for the VirClass for Social Work in Europe
  • Construction of a didactical model for e-learning study in Social Work in a comparative perspective
  • Some improvements in the Educational Programme according to the experiences made in the Pilot period
  • Creation of a Virtual Book
  • Increase the flexibility of the VirClass programme
  • Strengthen the participation in the project from the field of Social Work and the professional social workers in Europe.
  • Strengthen the knowledge of e-learning pedagogy by teachers in Social work educations
  • Dissemination of the knowledge made by the VirClass project at different conferences in Europe and in professional Journals of Social Work and Social Work Education

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