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2006.11.30 – 2006.12.01: FORSA-Norge 10 år. Jubileumskonferanse i Bergen

Larsen, Anne Karin: Kunnskapsutvikling i sosialt arbeid ved bruk av IKT i internasjonale studier (ppt)


2006.11.23 – 2006.11.25: VIRCLASS meeting – future organisation, Bergen

Larsen, Anne Karin: Experiences and Evaluation (ppt)

Larsen; Anne Karin: A new Administrative and Financial Model (ppt)

2006.10.19 – 2006.10.21: EUSW 2nd Annual Meeting, Olsztyn, Poland

Larsen, Anne Karin: VIRCLASS – The Virtual Classroom for Social Work in Europe (ppt)


2006.09.20 – 2006.09.22: VIRCLASS Madrid Conference. E-learning method in International cooperation and learning.

Larsen, Anne Karin: E-learning a way of teaching and learning social work in a changing Europe? (ppt)

2006.09.06: Fleksibel utdanning ved Høgskolen I Bergen

Larsen, Anne Karin: VIRCLASS prosjektet. Ide – innhold – søkeprosesser – samarbeid med mediesenteret (ppt)

2006.06.14 – 2006.06.17: The EDEN Annual Conference: E-Competenceses for Life, Employment and Innovation , Vienna, Austria

Hole, Grete Oline & Larsen, Anne Karin: VIRCLASS – A toolkit innovation in Social Work in Europe?

2006.05.08 – 2006.05.10: Netlearning, Sverige

Olsson, Klas-Göran & Larsen, Anne Karin: Europas Virtuelle klassrum, ger nya möjligheter till internasjonella studier i Socialt Arbete (ppt)


2006.02.22: Evaluerings forskning, Internseminar ved HiB, Bergen

Larsen, Anne Karin: Evaluerings design



Presentation at the meeting with the leaders at Bergen University College
31 March 2006 By Anne Karin Larsen: Power point presentation (only in Norwegian)

Presentation at the FORSA conference in Helsinki, Finland 9-11 February 2006
By Anne Karin Larsen and Klas-Göran Olsson: power point presentation

Presentations at the Amsterdam meeting:

15.09.05: Anne Karin Larsen: Summery of the Virclass project 2002-2005. Evaluation and new Visions (PPT)

16.09.05: Morten Fahlvik & Lisbeth Thomassen:
Evaluating the eLearning platform and Ideas for a Virtual Book

17.09.05: Alessandro Bernazzoli:
Managing the E-Learning. Some issues and ideas

17.09.05: Grete Oline Hole:
Can Computer Supported Collaborative Learning help to fulfil the VirClass goal?

13.08.05: 21st Nordic Conference for Schools of Social Work:
Larsen, Anne Karin:
E-læring som virkemiddel for undervisning og læring av
sosialt arbeid i et Europa i endring
. (Norwegian only)
(Power Point). Paper presentation can be read

July 2005: Presentation at the Summer School in Parma. Reflection on learning and professionalisation. Introduction to the theme 3.3 in the Educational Programme.
Anne Karin Larsen

April 2005: Presentation of Virclass prosjektet på NUV/NOU (Norgesuniversitetet/ Norway Opening University ) conference for project leaders. Oslo, Norway (in Norwegian
with some quotes from students in English). By Anne Karin Larsen
(Power Point)

July 2004: Presentation of the Educational Programme. A power point made for advertising the project in Norway. (Norwegian text). By/Anne Karin Larsen

June 2004: EUSW – Presentation of an International Educational Programme
Power Point presentation at the 3rd Network meeting in EUSW-TN
in Hungary June 2004. By Anne Karin Larsen

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