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Pictures from the Summer School in
Parma 16.-31. July 2005

(photo Anne Karin Larsen)

Group of teachers

From left: Ewa Kantowicz, Andres Barrera, Liz Frost, Gudrun Ehlert, Bob Sanders, Jane Dalrymple, Eduardo de Marques, Annamaria Campanini, Anne Karin Larsen, Carsten Otte, Answin Weissenborn, Klas-Göran Olsson, Kjell Henriksbø, Annika Halen,
In front left: Zofia-Waleria Stelmazurk and Julija Eidukeviciute

Students and teachers at the Summer School in Parma July 2005

From the Opening Session, representatives from The Community of Parma, The City of Parma.

Left: Annamaria Campanini (coordinator for the EUSW-TN)

Sunday 17.July students and teachers participated in
a start-up workshop organized by
Kaospilot Silje Grastveit. The pictures below give
an impression of the work during three very intense hours.

Agenda for the workshop

Silje, the workshop leader

"Workshopping" the "Cafè model"

from the cafè "shop" discussing expectations

Erato as hostess

Group work presentation


Summing up the experience

Keynote speachers

Jane Dalrymple

Ugo Ascoli and Annamaria Campanini

Liz Frost

Answin Weissenborn

Teachers at the summer school

Bob Sanders giving instructions for the "Race for Equality

Eduardo Marques giving instructions for the photo competition

Kjell Henriksbø lecturing

Listening to key note speachers. Summer School in Parma

Chill out time in the Garden of St:Ilario

Two gentlemen in the garden. Klas-Göran and Bob and Sofia-Waleria

Teachers enjoying the evening in the garden

Students work and presentations

"The Ethnic diversity group" giving a group presentation

Some of the members from theme group 3.3: Erato, Anna Maria and Bertina giving a presentation

Sara presenting news from London (from the "poverty group" presentation)

4141: Alina from group 3.3 in action

Group:Social work Education, skill training and professional competence:

from left: Anne Karin, Anna Maria, Alina, Dagmar.
Behind from left: Simona, Erato, Valentina, Bertina, Answin

Some of the Wall papers:

Wall paper from Romania

Wall paper from Germany and Poland

Wall paper from Hungary

Wall paper from Estonia

Wall paper from Norway

Dinner party:

Field visits:

students visiting the Mental Health Res.Centre in Parma

staff and visiting students at the Mental Health Res. Centre in Parma

The most important persons:

Alessandro and Loredana from the International office in Parma

Meeting in Jønkøping:

Eduardo and Bob consentrating on the Virtual Classroom

Working group meeting in Jønkøping, Sweden:

From left: Answin Weissenborn, Annamaria Campanini, Kerstin Gynnerstedt, Kjell Henriksbø, Anne Karin Larsen, Eduardo de Marques, Andres Astray, Bob Sanders, Carsten Otte.
Behind from left: Annika Halen, Klas-Göran Olsson, Julija Eidukeviciute
photo: Morten Fahlvik

Morten Fahlvik from the Media Centre, Bergen University College, giving a course in e-learning pedagogy to Julija and Kjell

Working group meeting in Bergen

Virclass teachers in co operation

Partners in the working group together in Bergen

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Last updated: January 31, 2007

Bergen University College, Haugeveien 28, 5005 Bergen, Norway
Assistant professor Anne Karin Larsen + 47 55 58 78 21, Fax + 47 55 90 00 11