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The Educational Programme: SOCIAL WORK IN EUROPE is a result of European cooperation over two years and a product of the Thematic Network EUSW- Commonalities and Differences started and led by the University of Parma, Italy.
The VIRCLASS project is a task force group in the EUSW-TN.
For 2006/07 to modules with e-learning courses developed by partners in the VIRCLASS project:
The Virtual Classroom for Social Work in Europe under leadership by Bergen University College offer the educational programme for 2006/07.

A new curriculum plan for 2006/07 gives a presentation of the two modules and the different options of themes to chose.
The courses are free for student for all over Europe. The admission will be limited.
Module 1 (5 ECTS) starts 16 Oct 2006 and last for 9 weeks.
Module 2 (10 ECTS) starts 23 Jan 2007 and last for 16 weeks.
Teachers for different Universities in Europe will be your coaches during the courses.

See the opinion about the courses from students who participated in 2005.
Deadline for application: 1 Sept 2006
Before you apply make sure that you have read the curriculum plan and the information about the programme on this web-site. Among other the information about being an e-learning student.
Application form
The curriculum plan for 2006/07 has been developed by the VIRCLASS partners. See the list of partners here

Former Curiculum plan 2005/06
The curriculum plan 2005/2006 with the appendix gives a presentation of the three Modules and the different subjects for focus on theme of interest for social work and social workers all over Europe.

Download Adobe Acrobat reader to view the file in pdf - format
Short version of the curriculum plan in French translation
The programme which we now are able to offer has been developed by the following persons and institutions:

Annamaria Campanini: University of Parma, Italy (project leader EUSW-TN)
Anne Karin Larsen: Bergen University College, Norway (group leader EUSW-WG5 – Summer School/project leader VIRCLASS)
Bob Sanders: University of Wales, Swansea, UK
Carsten Otte: University of Applied Scienses - School of Social Work, Mannheim in Germany
Kerstin Gynnerstedt: School of Health Science, Jønkøping University, Sweden
Julija Eidukeviciute: Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
Andres Arias Astray: School of Social Work - Complutense University, Madrid, Spain
Asuncion Martinez Roman: University of Alicante, Spain
Vincenzo Fortunato: University of Calabria, Italy
Eduardo Marques: Miquel Torga University, Coimbra, Portugal
Jouni Kylmälä: Diaconia Polytechnic, Helsinki, Finland
Kjell Henriksbø: Bergen University College,Bergen, Norway
Michel Vevatee: High School of Bruxelles, Belgium

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Curriculum plan 2006/07

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